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Jason Kidd the Right Hire for Brooklyn

By Mike Silva ~ June 12th, 2013. Filed under: Brooklyn Nets, NBA.

Billy King and the Nets might have pulled off the biggest surprise of the NBA season with their decision to hire Jason Kidd as their head coach. Just a week after he retired as a Knick, Kidd returns to his former team as the savior he once was when they inhabited New Jersey. This may not be the glamorous move that Mikhail Prokhorov wanted (see Phil Jackson), but it certainly is gutsy and, quite frankly, exactly what the franchise needed.

Despite the buzz that followed the Nets’ move to Brooklyn I believe last season was a failure. It was more flash than substance, and certainly didn’t live up to the hype. Deron Williams had an uneven season, Joe Johnson was a bust, two coaches were canned and the team lost a terrible Game 7 to a Chicago team that was afflicted with every injury but the plague. Unless you count merchandising sales and Jay –Z sitting courtside as success, the inaugural season in Brooklyn was a disappointment.

Jason Kidd will change that. This is not only a huge win for the Nets, but a tremendous loss for the team across town. Everyone measured Kidd’s value on the stat sheet, but you had to watch the Knicks daily to appreciate what he brought to the table. He did the little things defensively, set the tone for protecting the basketball and really was Mike Woodson’s floor general. In essence he was an assistant coach from the first day of training camp. It should be no coincidence the Knicks had the least amount of turnovers this past season after ranking next-to-last the prior year. That was a huge part of their success, and you have to wonder if it will continue going forward.

Now Kidd brings his desire to win to Brooklyn. His switching sides could potentially sway the balance of power in the Atlantic Division. Experience is overrated as he will be surrounded by a staff that will help him with the details of the position. His job is to help build a culture of winning and credibility. They need him to motivate this group and maximize their talent level. Anyone can do Xs and Os, but not everyone can connect with a roster. Can he resurrect Deron Williams’ career and return him among the league’s elite point guards? Can he continue to push Brook Lopez to greater heights? If healthy, can Joe Johnson live up to his max contract? Will this group collectively put out a winning effort nightly? This is why he was chosen over other experienced options.

What is the risk? Where is the downside? Brooklyn will never take over the Knicks because of real estate. That meme has to be put to bed; no one cares about how the borough is “up-and-coming.” The Nets are dead last in the New York pecking order. If they do have a punchers chance of taking over the city’s basketball hearts (or be relevant) it has to be with their play. The whole Brooklyn fad will wear away very quickly. No coach with a winning resume wants to be the Knicks’ step-child. That is why Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers or the Van Gundys weren’t realistic options. Once Kidd put his name into the mix he became the best choice.

This could work out fabulously well for both sides. Kidd could become the next Pat Riley and lead the Nets to a decade of success. It could also be a disaster, and the off-the-court demons rise to the surface and become the story. It is high risk/high reward, but do the Nets really have any other choice? Does Kidd? He needs to establish himself on the sidelines. The Nets need someone that has the guts to put Brooklyn on the basketball map. It’s a perfect marriage.

In the end this is the right move because it was the only move that can give them a chance to get to the next level.

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