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Joe Theismann Shouldn’t Have Apoligized

By Mike Silva ~ October 6th, 2012. Filed under: NFL.

After Tony Romo and the Cowboys put up a stinker against the Bears on Monday Night Football, former Redskins QB and NFL Network analyst, Joe Theismann, took to the media: “Sooner or later we have to come to the realization that Tony Romo isn’t a very good quarterback,” he told the Brady & Lang Show on Sportsnet 590 The Fan in Toronto.

““Just because he wears a star on his helmet, we all think people who are Dallas Cowboys, ‘Ooh they’re wonderful’…They’re full of bologna. Tony makes bad decisions with the football,” Theismann added.

Even Jerry Jones wasn’t saved from the wrath of Theismann:

“It took him five years too long to change the offensive line, which isn’t very good. It took him three years too long to change his secondary. He’ll do the same thing again. This is what happens when you’re not a football guy. You have to ask yourself, ‘Is the owner holding back this football team with football decisions?’ And I think yes.”

Predictably, Theismann would later apologize to Jones. He even tempered his comments about Romo, calling him an “average quarterback.” This should be no surprise since he works for a league controlled network. The fact his apology came on ESPN – a league partner – shouldn’t be a shock, either.

This is not an NFL issue; this is an issue across all major sports. Analysts are no longer allowed to criticize players or owners. In an era where a league or team owns a network, and the remainder have business relationships with them, the studio has become a dressed up commercial. Fans have to take to Twitter, blogs, Facebook and message boards to honestly discuss what is happening. If someone, like Joe Theismann, decides to express his opinion, the corporate police come down and fire them or force a canned apology. Memo to the suits: we aren’t dumb. The only people who feel good after these canned apologies are you guys that hang out in the luxury boxes.

What did Theismann say that is so wrong? What did he question that was out of bounds? Tony Romo has been a disappointment for years. Many pundits don’t believe he can take the Cowboys to a championship level. Jones has been meddling since he bought the team in 1989. His first move was firing Tom Landry. Is it news for someone to say he shouldn’t be involved in the personnel decision making? Of course not, but it’s something that employees of the NFL aren’t allowed to address.


Is Theismann biased against the Cowboys?

Barry Horn of the Dallas-Morning News believes so and points out his historical shots at America’s Team.

Here’s what Theismann had to say when the Cowboys drafted Troy Aikman with the first pick of the 1989 Draft.

“They’re taking Aikman to sell tickets,” Theismann, then an ESPN draft analyst, told USA Today. “Cowboys fans are a spoiled, fickle bunch. But Aikman’s not an impact player like Randy White or Tony Dorsett.”

For good measure Theismann then tackled the Cowboys rookie coach.

“Jimmy Johnson isn’t at Miami any more,” Theismann said. “He doesn’t have the biggest bullies on the block.”

When you hire former players you need to make sure they have left their allegiances behind. Michael Strahan made a fool of himself during the Giants run to the Super Bowl last season, as he openly rooted for the team while a member of the FOX studio.

Fair and balanced professionals like Boomer Esiason and Phil Simms seem to be the exception, not the rule.

Again, Blame the NFL, not Theismann. His history indicates he’s never hidden his agenda.

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