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Listen: Dino Costa Rant on Teams Revoking Press Credentials

By Mike Silva ~ February 7th, 2012. Filed under: SiriusXM.

Our good friend- and host on Mad Dog Radio on Sirius-XM- Dino Costa, talked about the Mets pulling the credential of The Journal News’ Howard Megdal during his show last night.

Nothing fires Dino up more than this type of situation, which he’s experienced during his time covering sports. The best part of the rant is when Dino tells the story of when he was verbally assaulted by Kenyon Martin in the Denver Nuggets locker room

“Here’s a Nuggets official standing off to the side watching Kenyon Martin verbally undress me down. When I finally defend myself, that’s when, like, the CIA swoops in and separates us cause I stepped towards Kenyon Martin,” Costa said.

The Nuggets revoked Dino’s credential over the incident. This, despite the fact, Martin was the one that initiated the argument.

Dino had a message to all sports leagues and teams that think they have power over the press.

“You bleeps have it wrong,” Costa said. “We’re doing you the favor, you bleeps, you’re not doing us the favor. We’re doing you the favor. Every beat reporter, columnist, on-air personality, television reporter they’re doing you a favor by covering your bleeping team.”

Warning: There is some mature language in this piece, please be advised.


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