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Gisele Bundchen & How to Handle Fan Taunts

By Mike Silva ~ February 6th, 2012. Filed under: NFL.

One of the big stories the day after the Super Bowl was the reaction of Gisele Bundchen when defended her husband Tom Brady after she was taunted by a group of Giants fans while waiting for the elevator at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“Eli owns your husband,” the fans chanted. “My husband cannot f – - – - – - throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times,” Bundchen was overheard saying.

A veteran Patriots staffer told the Chicago Sun- Times that “Gisele may have had a point, but she should have left it to the sportswriters and other Monday morning quarterbacks. . . . She already is not liked by many players and their wives due to her arrogant attitude. . . . This sure won’t help improve things.”

To me, the real story is how a celebrity should react when faced with this situation. I thought Gisele handled it poorly. Instead of getting angry, I would have diffused the situation by injecting humor. I realize it’s easy for an outsider to say that, but what good comes out of fighting with some Giants fans that probably have alcohol clouding their judgment.

Brian Cuban, brother of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, gave his thoughts on Twitter.

“You have no place to go,” Cuban said. “You try your best to ignore, but when people are being vicious about someone you love its easier said than done…especially when there is no escape route to diffuse it, and you’re already upset off the bat… just saying that having been there; I get the frustration and ‘pop-off’.”

I can see Cuban’s point. You just came off watching a loved one put all their heart and soul into achieving something significant in their life. The moments after defeat are full of sadness, anger, and frustration. Couple it with the fact the New York Post earlier in the week mockingly published a private email that Gisele sent to close friends and family, and you have one frustrated women.

Again, I am not saying fans don’t go over the line. I think the fans that taunted Gisele weren’t overtly rude, just silly. How you react can go a long way to diffusing the situation. Sometimes making light of the situation is the best way to end to the taunts. That alternate scenario wouldn’t result in such a harsh media reaction.

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