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Playboy Super Bowl Party Doesn’t Live Up to Darren Rovell’s Standards

By Mike Silva ~ February 4th, 2012. Filed under: Sports Entertainment.

Update: Deadspin breaks this down expertly.

One of the Bunnies present, Jaime Edmondson, called out Rovell on Twitter:

“What really sparked the rude comment that @darrenrovell made (because I was there) is that when he asked to take a photo w/ me on the red carpet, the closest person to us was on the phone and advised they were unavailable because they were in the middle of handling an issue at VIP check in and to see if someone else could take it…he then said to me in a snotty fit “Oh not even for my 175,000 Twitter followers” and stormed away”

Tampa Bay Rays 3B Evan Longoria also had this to say:

@darrenrovell @jaimeedmondson we all get you have 175k but no need to treat the playmates w disrespect!#getoveryourself http://t.co/mNd7OOUWSun Feb 05 01:24:45 via Echofon

He posted a head shot of Rovell in case you wanted to rate him on a scale of 1 to 10.

Original Post

Need a useless fact on sports business?  Emmy Award winning sports business reporter for CNBC and host of “Sports Biz: Game On” on NBC Sports Network, Darren Rovell, has it for you. Sometimes if you follow him on Twitter you wonder if it’s the real Rovell, or someone who created a fake account. Alas, it’s the real thing.

Recently, Rovell blew my mind when he suggested that better halftime entertainment at NBA games would help attendance. That’s right Knicks fans, the 8-15 Knicks would be far more palatable if the Garden spruced up those shows that nobody watches since they are going to the bathroom or getting food.

Super Bowl week has been full of Rovell tweets about various pieces of interesting, but useless factoids. The one earlier today might have taken the cake:

Playboy not having gorgeous Playmates at its Super Bowl party does effect a brand that is already faltering #realitySat Feb 04 21:07:02 via web

To be clear, Rovell is basically saying the Playboy Playmates did not live up to his expectations.

I think Sports Illustrated reporter and Rovell critic, Richard Deitsch, had the best response:

@darrenrovell I imagine these women are saying the same thing about the quality of CNBC’s sports business reporters.Sat Feb 04 20:59:29 via web

Rovell went on to say he’s been to 11 of the 12 Playboy Super Bowl Parties, and the one in New Orleans in 2002 was the best. He also pointed out the party was $1,000 to get in, but that did not include food. I guess it justifies the need for the models to be top notch.

Think Rovell is out of bounds? Here is his reason for the analysis:

@richarddeitsch people spend thousands on these parties, rich. it’s a business. There was a lot of disappointment last night. I cover that.Sat Feb 04 21:09:49 via web

By the way, this is a picture of the Playmates that didn’t live up to Rovell’s standards with Shaquille O’Neal.

I guess you can be the judge.

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