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Francesa and Russo Remind Audience What They’re Missing

By Mike Silva ~ February 1st, 2012. Filed under: WFAN.

It was like old times on Radio Row at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, as Mike Francesa and Chris Russo reunited on WFAN. Both hosts have struggled to produce a quality product since their breakup in 2008. Francesa has come across lazy, unprepared, out of touch, and curmudgeonly during his solo broadcasts. Russo, as I outlined on this site before, appears to struggle with the dual role of host/program director at Sirius. Of the two, Francesa has the softer landing as a lack of competition has allowed him to enjoy strong ratings.

What I noticed about Francesa and Russo was how natural their conversation was throughout the 15-minute segment. They picked up where they left off seamlessly. It was natural, flowed, and neither talked over the other. These characteristics have been largely absent since they went solo. Francesa particularly struggles with two-way dialogue due to his penchant for answering his own questions. It’s been painful watching Kim Jones fight to finish a sentence during her segments this week.

I doubt we will ever see a reunion (Francesa said as much to Newsday’s Neil Best last month), but it was nice to be reminded about what good talk radio was this city for nearly twenty years.

Even in their best days the duo was out of touch with their analysis, but there was a certain charm to it. When I listen to Francesa solo I get agitated with his boorish arrogance. When I listen to Russo it pains me to see him struggle through his five hour show.

What you listened to yesterday was typical Mike & The Mad Dog- Mets bashing, Yankees talk, a touch of San Francisco Giants, movie analysis, and talk about their families.


Is there a Radio Row war brewing?

Francesa returned the favor and appeared on Russo’s Sirius show yesterday evening. Mike couldn’t help but take a shot at one of Russo’s hosts on Mad Dog Radio, Dino Costa. Francesa claimed that Costa was “begging him for a job when Russo left.” He went on to say that he “threw Costa’s resume in the garbage.”

Costa is a controversial figure in the sense he is unafraid to speak his mind on the radio and Twitter. Independence is a trait that scares many people in a modern media landscape that promotes groupthink over individuality. Costa spurns the “fake outrage” you see throughout the medium. I enjoy his show, and describe it as the Fox News version of sports talk radio. Regardless of what you think about Costa’s work, you have to admire his single-minded determination towards achieving his goal of hosting his own show on his terms. Dino chatted with me this past September, and outlined his career path, which included him taking various jobs to stay afloat while he chased his dream; it was an interesting segment.

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