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All New York Winter Classic Doubleheader Would Be Great for the NHL

By Mike Silva ~ January 3rd, 2012. Filed under: NFL.

The Rangers beat the Flyers 3-2 at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia yesterday in the 2012 edition of the Winter Classic. For a non-hockey fan like me, this was an entertaining game on a day where there was little else to watch. How about two Winter Classic games played in New York on New Year’s Day? The NHL should make this happen as I believe staging a doubleheader with two hockey games in the city would be a great way to market the sport to casual and future fans.

The NHL has been eyeing New York for the 2013 game. According to Jeff Z. Klein of the NY Times “The N.H.L. has looked at Citi Field, MetLife Stadium, the Yale Bowl and West Point as possible sites.” The noticeable exclusion of Yankee Stadium is due to Bowl Game commitments that run through 2013. Nothing against MetLife Stadium, but hosting the event in the city would be a much better alternative to the game. Not to mention the two baseball stadiums would provide a more picturesque background ala Citizen’s Bank yesterday.

How about pushing back a New York Winter Classic another year and having a Citi Field/Yankee Stadium event two years from now? The Islanders could host the Rangers at Yankee Stadium and the Devils take on an opponent at Citi Field. If you want to split up the fan bases, have the Isles as the home team in Citi Field and the Rangers at the Stadium. Either way, getting the Devils involved would give the tri-state area all three of its hockey teams.

This event would be attended and watched by the casual hockey fan. For the younger ones it may be a way to fall in love with the sport for the first time. Right now, hockey is a fourth-tier sport behind the NFL, MLB, and NBA. With the rise of soccer in the United States there is a need for the league to market itself as widespread as possible. The NHL has some of the most loyal fans, but to grow they need to expand base. What better way to do this than in the biggest city in the country?

You could call it the Subway Series Winter Classic. A full day of hockey in the brand new baseball stadiums in town is a great way for the NHL to kick off a new year and promote their sport. Who knows, it could save the Islanders from leaving town after 2015.

Obviously, there are a ton of logistical questions that come with this idea, but I don’t think it’s a bad nor far-fetched idea.


Someone needs to call NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and tell him NHL All-Star festivities should be moved outdoors – 1 game not enuffTue Jan 03 09:54:07 via web

I think this is a great idea by ESPN’s Jared Max. As I said with the Winter Classic, I think NHL outdoor events at larger venues is a great way to promote the sport to the casual fan that could potentially become a loyal repeat customer.

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